Thank you for supporting the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability. Our mission is to generate knowledge and provide solutions for regional and global environmental problems. We educate the next generation of professional and scientific leadership committed to the health of the planet and drive interdisciplinary environment and sustainability initiatives on campus. We advise businesses and policymakers on sustainability and the environment and inform and encourage community discussion about critical environmental issues.

Environmental problems are complex and require solutions that integrate the talents of academics, policy makers, business leaders and the public. The UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) was established to meet these challenges through its diverse faculty and cutting edge, multi-disciplinary research – drawing upon the wealth of expertise at UCLA. With over 250 students now enrolled, our Environmental Sciences major is one of the fastest growing on campus, and the IoES embraces its public education and outreach mission with a full calendar of public events.

Your gift helps ensure that we can continue this important work, bringing new knowledge to the classroom, making a difference in Southern California and beyond. Thank you for helping us build the foundation for a sustainable future.

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