Exploring Your Universe
November 6, 2016
12:00 p.m.
UCLA Court of Sciences

UCLA’s annual science festival, Exploring Your Universe, educates and inspires over 6,000 visitors each year. Activities at the seventh annual Exploring Your Universe event will include general audience scientific talks by faculty, telescope viewing, comet-making and bottle rockets, and physics and chemistry experiments. Visitors will also be able to explore the UCLA Meteorite Collection, learn about UCLA’s involvement in NASA space missions, and attend UCLA Planetarium shows. These hands-on demonstrations provide kids of all ages with an enjoyable way to learn about science.

The Exploring Your Universe event is free and open to the public. The UCLA Division of Physical Sciences presents several opportunities for corporate and donor promotion at Exploring Your Universe, which includes the benefits listed below. By directly supporting event costs, your gift enables UCLA to continue to offer this exciting day of scientific exploration free of charge as attendance grows. We appreciate your support of community science education!

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Sponsorship Opportunities
Presenting Supernova Sponsor - $25,000 ($24,844 tax deductible)
Exclusive Presenting Sponsor opportunity
Large name or logo prominently displayed as Presenting Sponsor; Exclusive UCLA Planetarium show for up to 30 guests; Private tour of UCLA Infrared Lab for ten guests; Name or logo on website, program, t-shirts and e-mail invitations to 37,000 alumni and friends; invitation to a private dinner with Dean Miguel Garcia-Garibay.
Supergiant Sponsor - $10,000 ($10,000 tax deductible)
Medium name or logo prominently displayed as Supergiant Sponsor; Private tour of UCLA Infrared Lab for five; Name or logo listed on website, program, t-shirts and email invitations to 37,000 alumni.
Galaxy Sponsor - $5,000 ($5,000 tax deductible)
Small name or logo prominently displayed as Galaxy Sponsor; Private tour of the UCLA Infrared Lab for two; Name or logo listed on website, program, t-shirts and email invitations to 37,000 alumni.
Shooting Star Booth Sponsor - $2,000 ($2,000 tax deductible)
Help underwrite event costs by sponsoring one department, student group, or research group booth at Exploring Your Universe. Your name or logo will be displayed at a booth, on event website, and the event program. We request that participating corporate partners contribute at this level.
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