The Promise Institute for Human Rights 

The Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law will be the center of human rights education, research and advocacy at UCLA and around the region.
Founded with a visionary $20 million gift in 2017, the Promise Institute at UCLA Law will train the next generation of human rights lawyers and leaders, generate vital scholarship, and develop programs for on-the-ground assistance to address the most pressing contemporary human rights concerns of our times - including genocide studies, international migration and refugee crises, and post-conflict human rights.

The institute will bring together faculty with expertise and experience in international human rights, immigration, national and international security, civil rights, constitution writing, the laws of armed conflict, transnational and international criminal justice, environmental law and public interest law. Through cross-disciplinary work in fields such as political science, sociology, history and public health, the institute and its partners throughout UCLA will explore the complex relationships between economic development, health, democracy, rule of law and human rights. This interdisciplinary approach will lead to deep and lasting insights into the ways human rights protections can be fostered and implemented effectively.

Students engaged with the Promise Institute will gain a strong foundation in human rights law and will have the opportunity to participate in clinics, experiential programs and other endeavors that will enhance their educational experience and prepare them for impactful careers in the field. The institute will support a diverse program of scholarship and fellowship programs, as well as activities and publications that will serve as fora for international human rights lawyers and scholars from UCLA and beyond. 

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