The UCLA Alan D. Leve Center for Jewish Studies is the leading research center for the study of Jewish culture and civilization on the west coast and one of the largest and most active centers in the world.

Thank you for supporting our work in advancing scholarship in Jewish culture and history; educating the next generation about the role of Judaism in world civilization; and serving as an exceptional public resource for Jewish life and learning. The benefits of your support will redound to our students, staff, faculty and community at large.

Thanks to Alan D. Leve’s generosity four endowments were established for the Leve Center to which you can give:
  • Endowment for Student Excellence: These funds are to be used for support to graduate and undergraduate students engaged in fields related to Jewish Studies.
  • Endowment for Public History and Outreach: These funds will support the Leve Center’s public programs, courses and community collaborations in Los Angeles, including the Hinda and Jacob Schonfeld Boyle Heights Collection and the Leve Award.
  • Endowment for Teaching Innovation: These funds will support teaching and curricular innovation in Jewish Studies, including support of the Etta and Milton Leve Scholar-in-Residence program.
  • Endowment for Research Innovation: These funds are to support faculty and graduate student research.
Additionally, you can support our mapping Jewish Studies projects through our Sephardic Archive Initiative and the Kahn LA Mapping. You can also support our specializations in Sephardic (Maurice Amado Chair in Sephardic Studies Programming Fund), Yiddish (Michael & Irene Ross Endowment in Yiddish and Jewish Studies) and Mediterranean Jewish Studies (Viterbi Family Foundation Visiting Professor).

For additional information, please visit our Website ( or call us at (310) 825-5387.

If you prefer to send your donation by mail, you may print this page and mail it with your check or credit card information to UCLA Foundation, Box 7145, Pasadena, CA 91109-9903.

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