The Center for the Liberal Arts and Free Institutions (CLAFI) is an interdisciplinary center created in 2009 as part of the UCLA Division of Humanities.

CLAFI is founded on the principles that an educated citizen in a democracy should have a sound understanding of the history of free institutions and their underlying principles; that a central purpose of a university is to assist and encourage students, faculty, and others, to confront basic questions of the meaning of life, the nature of the cosmos and of human society, and the principles of right and wrong; that the study of the great works and achievements of western and other civilizations, not uncritically but with the presumption that we have much to learn from our greatest forerunners, is a valuable if not indispensable means for education directed toward the principles of free institutions and the fundamental questions we face as individuals. CLAFI exists to provide a home for faculty, students, alumni and others in the surrounding community who share our principles and wish to give them greater emphasis in their own educational and research activity.

For further information about CLAFI, click here.

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