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Online Micro-Commissions

Performing artists rely on commissions, grant support, individual contributions and live bookings for their livelihood. The recent wave of cancellations and postponements have left many of them with no income stream. As part of our institutional commitment to artists, CAP UCLA is awarding a number of micro-commissions to the artists we were unable to reschedule from our 2019/20 season and to various other artists with whom we have worked in the past.

We invite you to underwrite one, two, many... micro-commissions.

For questions, contact Sarah Sullivan, Director of Development, at 310-206-6431 or sarah.sullivan@arts.ucla.edu.

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Constance Hockaday: Artists in Presidents, $500 (100% tax-deductible)
Forced Entertainment: Table Top Shakespeare At Home Edition, $1,000 (100% tax-deductible)
Notes on Napkins: 2020, $500 (100% tax-deductible)
The Choreographers’ Scores: 2020, $1,500 (100% tax-deductible)
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