Our department is one of the most dynamic Comparative Literature programs in the nation; we continue to attract brilliant undergraduate and graduate students, and we are also very proud of the outstanding achievements of our members. The support of friends, alumni and community partners to the Chair's Discretionary Fund allows the Comparative Literature faculty to actively promote initiatives in undergraduate teaching, graduate mentorship, dissemination of knowledge and research in areas that require a deep engagement with a constellation of linguistic, interdisciplinary and critical approaches to literature and culture, open to every region of the globe. We aim to provide a strong academic foundation for current and future generations of Comparative Literature scholars.

We also welcome support for the Michael Heim Memorial Lecture in Translation Distinguished Studies fund, which will contribute to fund an annual lecture in memory of Michael Heim and continue his legacy. Professor Heim was a pioneer in translation studies, which is now an area of considerable significance to the field of comparative literature. He is remembered by his colleagues, students and friends as world-class scholar, a model pedagogue and a devoted mentor, generous in his commitment to a communication and understanding across languages and cultures, giving pride of place to translation.

On behalf of the Department of Comparative Literatures, thank you for your interest, generosity and support in our pursuit of excellence, in teaching, research and service.

Efrain Kristal
Professor and Chair
Department of Comparative Literature

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