In memory of Chamya Pompey Kincy (27 February 1976-20 July 2013)The UCLA Library has established a fund to further her work in mentoring new Librarians and promoting Librarianship.

Chamya Kincy took great pride in her mentorship of other young librarians in the field of cataloging. During her eight years of service to the UCLA Library as a professional librarian, Chamya supervised several interns in the Cataloging and Metadata Center, and was instrumental in the development of the Librarians Association of the University of California, Los Angeles (LAUC-LA) Mentorship Program.

She obtained her Bachelor's degree from UCLA in 1998 and went on to earn a Master's in Library and Information Science from UCLA in 2005, receiving the honor of "Passed With Distinction" from the program. Chamya also earned a second Master's degree in Physiological Science from UCLA while working at the Library.

Chamya first joined the Library as a student assistant in May 1997 and then was hired as a Library Assistant in May 1999. Working in the Records Management Section of the YRL Cataloging Department, she was responsible for a wide variety of database maintenance, minimal-level cataloging, and physical processing tasks. The quality and quantity of her work was invariably exceptional, resulting in her receiving one of the Library’s Incentive Awards in 1998. She was one of the very first to catalog Internet resources in OCLC and was assigned to the new E-Resources Cataloging and Metadata Section at its creation within the Cataloging Center in 2004.

With great energy and enthusiasm, coupled with a powerful work ethic, Chamya launched a career in the Cataloging & Metadata Center as Life & Social Sciences Cataloger in 2005. She was an outstanding trainer, and she systematized the provision of internships in the Center. Helping to lead the way as the Center established new roles for catalogers, she took part in the first two campus metadata consultations and participated in collecting metadata for the Walter L. Gordon, Jr./William C. Beverly, Jr. Collection through interviews with Walter Gordon himself. She provided high-quality reference service at the Biomedical Library and collaborated with staff there on the Library's new data initiatives. She was very active in LAUC-LA and recently was nominated to run for Chair-Elect.

In the Medical Library Association, she chaired the Technical Services Section and was MLA's liaison to ALA's cataloging rule-making body Cataloging Committee: Description and Access. In the Program for Cooperative-Cataloging, she served as co-chair of the Standing Committee on Training. She led the local efforts to prepare the Library for implementation of the cataloging rules Resource Description and Access (RDA). Earlier this year, she had completed 90% of her first monograph, Making the Move to RDA: A Self-Study Primer. It brought her great happiness to receive word of her recent promotion to Librarian.

Chamya will always be remembered for her consummate professionalism, conscientiousness, keen intellect, and organizational skills. She gave us the gift of her bright smile that always lit up the room, spreading the warmth and welcome that was so characteristically "Chamya." Her life was spent helping and mentoring others; her generosity and selflessness serve as an inspiration to all. The love and affection that Chamya showed for her wonderful mother and for her colleagues will always be remembered and cherished. Chamya embraced life with a vigor and a curiosity that brought her great success in her professional life, and admiration from all that knew her, in an all-too short time with us. She will be sorely missed.

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