Founded in 1993, the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine was the first of its kind and remains at the forefront of integrative medicine. It comprises highly trained physicians and clinical specialists working in unison to provide comprehensive and holistic care that is patient-centered and empowers healthier lifestyle choices. Our innovative approach is at the core of our clinical, research and education efforts, as we strive to further utilize our integrative model and transform the minds of future healthcare leaders.

The Center has achieved success over the last two decades due in large part to the generous support of thoughtful friends like you. Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure that we can meet the ever-growing need for training, research, and wellness-focused programs aimed at improving life expectancy and quality of life. Thank you!


Center for East-West Medicine
Contributions to this fund serve to strengthen the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine’s financial foundation and give life to its innovative programs in patient care, education, and research, including expansion of the Center’s current programs and resource development projects.

Click here to view the Center’s Major Achievements in 2016.

Shirley Hui Memorial Fund
The Shirley Hui Memorial Fund has been established to support education in integrative East-West medicine. Several award programs educational events have been created to open the doors of a range of study and professional advancement opportunities to highly motivated students, trainees, and healthcare professionals who aspire to improve healthcare with integrative medicine in their future careers.

Click here to view the most recent Shirley Hui Memorial Fund Report.

Global Perspectives of Integrative Medicine Education Program
The Global Perspectives of Integrative Medicine Education Program fund provides unrestricted support for the Global Perspectives of Integrative Medicine Education Program at the Center for East-West Medicine.

Click here to view the most recent Shirley Hui Memorial Fund Report.

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