Play the LA River is a come-one-come-all project that invites Angelenos to explore, enjoy, reimagine & reclaim the mighty LA River as a grand civic space that can green & connect our communities. The project is led by Project 51—a collective of artists, scholars, designers, planners, writers & educators.

What is Play the LA River? It’s a playable card deck—a 56-site guide to the LA River organized into 4 geographic "suits" & featuring 4 wild cards with artwork by local LA artists. It’s an interactive website, too—with a virtual card deck, community-generated events calendar, social media stream & more. And it’s a year of planned events & spontaneous happenings brought to you by Play the LA River, our many partners, community groups—& by you & your community!

Your gift to the project will support continued printing & public distribution of the Play the LA River card deck guide as well as our public programming & community outreach efforts. UCLA, one of our core sponsors, is processing donations on behalf of Play the LA River through the UCLA Giving site.

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