John D. Roberts Endowed Term Chair in Chemistry  
The UCLA Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry seeks $1 million in philanthropic gifts to establish the John D. Roberts Endowed Term Chair in Chemistry in honor of one of our most distinguished alumni. This is a unique opportunity to cement John Roberts’ extraordinary legacy at UCLA, and to recognize his tremendous impact on the field and on countless lives in the scientific community.

By providing a reliable, renewable source of funding for teaching and research activities, the Roberts Term Chair will enhance UCLA’s excellence in chemistry and help guarantee our position as a top choice for the best faculty. It is only fitting that his name should be aligned in perpetuity with the campus where he earned his degrees and where he was first inspired to pursue a career in chemistry.

Thank you for your support.
“Always look for an unconventional outcome. Instead of trying to prove that something was true, I would try to find something that I didn’t understand and work on that.”
-John D. Roberts

If you would like to learn more about the John D. Roberts Chair fundraising initiative, please contact Professor Kendall N. Houk at

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